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Upcycled Rose Water Benefits

Upcycling rose water through fermentation unlocks its transformative potential, enhancing skin health, amplifying ingredient potency, and fostering sustainability, all in one powerful skincare solution. Let’s review its benefits in detail:

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With the new year, we are happy to present you with our newest project!

In our continuous journey towards sustainability and innovative resource use, we've embarked on an exciting project that involves upcycling the residual materials from the steam distillation of roses. This approach not only contributes to reducing waste but also adds value to what was previously considered a by-product.The steam distillation process, commonly used to extract rose essential oil, leaves behind a substantial amount of rose biomass. This biomass, rich in natural compounds, holds untapped potential. By employing a carefully designed patented fermentation method and processing it with water-steam distillation, we are now able to transform this rose biomass into high-quality, food-grade rose water! This rose water is an upcycled creation that preserves the intrinsic properties of the roses. The fermentation process ensures that the beneficial elements inherent in the rose petals are retained, resulting in a product that is pure, aromatic, and therapeutic. What makes this initiative even more remarkable is its alignment with our commitment to environmental stewardship. We significantly reduce our ecological footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future. As we move forward, we are excited to explore the various applications of this sustainably produced rose water, be it in skincare, aromatherapy, or culinary uses. This venture is a testament to our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and the respectful use of natural resources.


Damaskena Ltd is the official sub-contractor of Damascena Ltd & rose producer with our own rose garden under the company name Berenike Ltd. Berenike Ltd is producing raw materials and its subsidiaries Damaskena Ltd represents the finished cosmetics product line and the marketing name for both ompanies.Damascena's story begins in 1991 and it is known as one of the successful companies in the area of production of essential oils and natural cosmetics worldwide.The company is engaged in the production of rose oil in the heart of the Rose Valley, and from 1991 until now we're valued by our partners for our high-quality raw materials & products, cooperation, and long-term relationships.