About us

We are a small family company located in the heart of the beautiful rose valley. We are engaged in the cultivation of massif roses in the village of Gorno Sahrane, as well as the production of all-natural cosmetic products. Our history began with our joint work as an executive company for the distribution of the products of the company Damascena EOOD. Driven by the love for the plant kingdom that fills our hearts and constant concern for the happiness of other people, we plunged headlong into the world of roses, nature and natural products and eventually we planted and grew our own rose arrays.

OUR PROCESS We are steadfast in the quality and integrity of each ingredient and use unprecedented extraction techniques to maintain its beneficial properties. Each bottle contains our care and love, added to high-quality natural products, aimed at creating and maintaining good physical and emotional condition of people. SUCCESSFUL FORMULAS Each of our formulas carries the wisdom of our direct experience in nature's valuable healing properties. Each blend brings health to the whole being, in harmony with traditional care. Our formulas capture the pure living energy of nature's most powerful healers, the plants themselves.

INGREDIENTSWe value transparency and are proud of every ingredient in our products. Little natural healers are incredibly adaptable, but some of our favorites are known for their healing abilities to support specific needs. OUR MISSION Sustainability is at the heart of who we are—passionate advocates for healthy living. We're here to take small steps to build on -a happier and healthier planet and humanity. We are proud of what we create and believe that we will find many other like-minded people who love being close to nature. Welcome to the world of natural health and natural beauty!